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The philosophy

The studio is designed around modern recording practices complimenting modern recording budgets. The aim is to deliver the best sound quality via a rapid workflow giving more time to capture the best possible performance.

Specialising in music recording and production, the studio is a creative centre brimming with excitement and dedication to your project.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere is practiced here. We are young and enthusiastic sound geeks who only want to create the most amazing art. Most of our studio engineers have comprehensive live sound experience so they know how to deal with time pressures and technical difficulties.

Only the finest quality equipment is used and we strive to improve on every aspect of your recording.

We particularly appeal to unsigned acts and smaller independent labels as we strive to keep our costs inline with modern budgets.



Let us transform your music into sonic bliss making your tracks stand up against other commercial releases.

Our control room boasts wonderful acoustics paired up with accurate reference monitors ensuring complete confidence in what you’re hearing.

The vast plug-in collection offers a wealth of sonic manipulation giving the mix engineer all the tools necessary to produce the very best.

Vocal Recording

Using our huge selection of excellent vintage and modern microphones, your perfect vocal sound awaits. We always experiment with a selection in order to find the one suited to your voice and style.

Recording is done in our spacious live room and NOT in a tiny vocal booth/cupboard. You can face away from the glass window or turn off the lights if it helps!

Writing Room

Get your creative juices flowing while being cool and comfortable and having top class equipment on hand for when something has to be captured.


Quite simply the highest grade of quality equipment is used, top of the range microphones, pre-amps, AD convertors and monitoring.

The studio is excellent for bands wishing to record live together simultaneously, we have the microphones and the space. This is a great feature for bands that want to maximise time and capture that magic performance.

Drum recording is one of our strongest features with our gorgeous sounding 1970’s Ludwig kit, vintage mics and great sounding live room.

Of course anything from Violins to Xylophones can be recorded.

Live show backing-track pre-production / mastering

Bring your live show backing tracks into the studio for us to master. With years of experience in live sound, your production will be transformed with a vast improvement.


Our mastering service is skill-fully engineered by Patrick Bird from PSB Music and you’ll see from his credits that his wealth of experience makes him a trusted handler of your finished product.

Mailing List

about the studio

The Live Room

Dimensions – 4.87 x 4.07 x 3m (LWH)

The Solid oak wooden floor and high ceiling provides a wonderfully live and bright acoustic space. Additional baffles can dry up the sound where it’s needed and to separate other instruments from each other. The sound captured is both open and real sounding.

Plenty of floor space ensures a 4/5 piece band can play and record comfortably with good visibility attained from the control room.

Air conditioning is of course included in all rooms.

The control room

Dimensions – 4.74 x 3.2 x 2.65 (LWH)

Also using solid oak flooring, the room has been acoustically treated and set up with consultation from one of the worlds leading acousticians.

A beautiful room that has a peaceful atmosphere, great for those long overnight mixing sessions!


Our standard day rates are as follows:

8 hrs session: £ please call
4 hrs session: £ please call
Per hour: £ please call

Our rates are super-competitive. Please call or use the contact form and tell us about what you want to do and we may be able to negotiate a price that suits.

Discounts available depending on time booked and studio availability.

To confirm a booking: 50% of booking MUST be paid upfront and balance after.



Midas Venice 320 – 32/4/2


Mac Pro 8 core 2.6Ghz
Pro tools 10
Pro tools 11
Logic 9
Universal Audio UAD quad core PCIe
Universal Audio UAD dual core PCIe

Microphone pre-amps

DAV Electronics BG8 – 8 channels
Classic API VP26 – 4 channels
Warm Audio WA12 – 2 Channels
Midas Venice – 24 channels

Audio interface

Lynx Aurora 16 – Mastering grade A-D/D-A
Lynx AES 16e – PCIe card


Focal Twin 6BE pair
Towersonic TS1B pair (high isolation stands)
Harmon Kardon small reference speakers
Beyerdynamic DT150 headphones x3
Beyerdynamic DT770M headphones x2
Presonus HP60 headphone amp (6 channels)

Vintage Microphones

AKG 452 (1970s)
AKG 452 ST pair (1970s)
AKG D202 (1970s) x4
Electrovoice RE15 (1960s)
Schoeps CMC3 (1970s) x2
Sennheiser MD441 (1970s)
Neumann U87 (1970s) x2


AKG 451B/ST pair
AKG C535EB x2
Audix D6
Audix D4
Audix D2 x2
Beyerdynamic M88TG
Electro Harmonix R1 x2
Rode NTK
Sennheiser e602 II x2
Sennheiser MD 421 x2
Shure SM57 x3
Shure beta 57
Violet Dolly

DI boxes

BSS AR-133 x2
Radial J48 x2
Radial Re-amp box x2


Vintage Ludwig Super Classic drum kit
(Bass 16×22″, Toms 11×12”, 12×13”, 16×16”)

Vintage Ludwig Supra-Phonic 400 Snare drum 5.5 x 14″

Pearl Hardware: 2x Boom, 1x Straight, 1x Hi Hat, 1x Snare stand

Vox AC15 C1

Custom Audio Electronics 1×12 Celestian spkr x2

Other processors

Focusrite Compounder (dual compressor)
Shermann Filter bank 2
Warm Audio WA76 (1176)

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